Hatha Yoga at Margreteholm Mindfulness Manor

The closest translation of the word Hatha is force but if you break up this sanskrit word in two you are left with the words Ha and Tha which translates into Sun and Moon. This understanding offers a nice understanding of the Hatha tradition. While the moon relates to working with stilling and stabilizing the mind, the sun relates to the work with physical aspects of ourselves cultuvating heat, energy and momentum.

Once the Moon has been made steady, the Sun can be made to rise
— The Hatha Yoga Pradipika

As the sun is always shining equally on all things it is imperative in the yoga tradition that before practicing more high-energy styles of yoga that we stablize and purify our minds. This is so the energy cultivated in these practices does not further amplify and exaggerate our “impurities” and imbalances in our minds and bodies, which we bring with us unto the yoga mat.

We are building and stablizing a healthy and strong foundation for all that we are going to build in our later yoga practice. This type of “Moon-practice” is one you can always take with you for the rest of your life. Even when we are beginning to look towards the rising sun, we remember the moon so that we do not overheat ourselves but remains calm with a healthy balance in both our body and in our mind.

What to expect

The effects of having a stable hatha yoga practice with pranayama and meditation are numerous:

·       You are building and stabilizing both your mind and body and at the same time you will discover more flexibility in joints and muscles. Your body will simply feel more “free”.

·       You will begin to notice that your breath is improved which causes numerous physical and psychological health improvements. By optimizing your oxygen consumption you will rapidly begin to experience raised energy levels, joy, motivation, inspiration and improved sleeping patterns.

·       If you are suffering by and unsteady mind, unhealthy though patterns or anxiety you can expect to experience more calm and stability and an enhanced ability to stay in control of your thoughts and your mind.